City Hall

ATTENTION: No Mask No Service If you do not have a mask you may use the drive-up window in the alley next to the Municipal Utility Office. With the rise in cases in McDonough County and in the City of Bushnell, this will be strictly enforced going forward until further notice. If someone does not feel the necessity to wear a mask to protect both themselves and others, they are free to use the drive up window.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

The City Clerk’s Office is the keeper of all official records of the City of Bushnell. This includes minutes, agendas, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, leases and deeds. The City Clerk is also the custodian of the city seal. The City Clerk attends and takes the minutes of the regular City Council meetings, Special City Council meetings, and Executive Session meetings. Bushnell City Hall also maintains Bushnell’s Municipal Code. The City Clerk is the Freedom of Information Officer for the City and is also a Notary of the Public. The City Clerk is elected every four years at the same time as the Mayor.


Robin Wilt
Elected - End Term 2025

City Clerk

Teresa Ebbert
Appointed - End Term 2025

Deputy City Clerk

Mary Brown