Founded: 1854
Population: 3,200
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A Look Back . . .
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Bushnellís sesquicentennial year has begun! And itís going to be a fun-filled twelve months as we celebrate 150 years of Bushnell history. If you chat around town, youíll hear many residents sharing memories of the townís cen≠tennial celebration, and some have started digging out photographs and memorabilia.

Here is a small peak at some of the highlights of Bushnellís 1954 celebration. Our thanks to Dottie Howe for sharing these keepsakes from her motherís scrapbook.
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Mural Restoration
The U.S. Post Office policy manual refers to the murals as ďa vital part of Americaís national heritage, as they comprise the only compre≠hensive public collection portraying the culture and character of the American people for a given period . . . and every effort must be made by the Postal Service to preserve and safeguard these cultural assets . . . for present and future generations.Ē
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Rolled Oats Process
Invented in Bushnell

The Nagel Brothers of Bushnell were the first to invent a process of making rolled oats without having to steam the oats. Up until this time, the oats were first steamed to separate the groat from the hull. The patent for this new process was later sold to the Quaker Company.
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