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Bushnell’s 2003 census population was 3,150 people.  Within the community itself, the census labor force has 1,684 employees, of which 39% were employed in manufacturing, 20% in professional and related services and 18% in retail and wholesale trades.

The labor climate in the city can be characterized as stable, with no work stoppages or strikes.  The skill level is moderately high.  Of the labor force 25 years or older, 83% hold high school diplomas, which is above the state average.

Bushnell is located virtually in the center of a six-county area which comprises West Central Illinois, with a total population of nearly 200,000.  The region’s work force has a superior level of educational attainment, and several excellent training programs are available to incoming and expanding businesses.


All four basic utilities – water, sewer, electricity and gas are available from the City of Bushnell.  The Municipal Utility Board has recently adopted an aggressive posture in making utilities more attractive to industries in the community.  Verizon North provides telecommunication services.  Internet Service is also available.  Bushnell’s water system has recently been modernized and can pump approximately 600,000 gallons of water per day, while usage is only about 300,000 gallons.  The city’s sewerage treatment facility has a capacity of 2.25 million gallons per day and presently operates at 50% of it potential.  Storm sewers are located in most of the city and operate separately from the sanitary sewerage system.

Solid waste removal is contracted.  Residential customers receive curbside pickup once a week, while businesses receive removal three times a week, or more frequently if necessary.


The total tax levy in 2003 was 8.46693 per $100 assessed valuation, of which 0.91079 was city, 4.43480 school, 1.33156 county and 1.78978 other.


Burlington Northern Railroad goes through the middle of Bushnell.  Approximately 40 trains travel through the city each day, providing an excellent link to distant markets in all directions.

Truck transportation is readily available.  The Interstate Commerce Commission lists numerous regulated motor freight carriers serving West Central Illinois, providing service on a contract or common carrier basis.

Approximately 92% of the city’s 20.2 mile network of streets are paved, and 75% of the streets have adjacent sidewalks.  The direct link of two state highways provides easy access to all parts of the community and distant markets.  Interstate 74 access is available at Galesburg, 30 miles away.

Amtrak passenger service is available three times a day each way between Galesburg and Chicago, and once a day each way between Macomb and Chicago.

Galesburg, Peoria, and the Quad Cities offer commercial air service.  Macomb Airport, 10 miles away, provides private air service. 

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