Bushnell, Illinois is a small town nestled between farmland in west central Illinois. While we are small we are mighty! Bushnell has the small-town charm that makes you feel good no matter your day! We have manufacturing plants that make items from dog food, after market Jeep parts, potato chips, rivets and screws to the best hammers in the country! You will not find a more patriotic town in the state! Bushnell cherishes and values our service members from all branches of the military from every battle they have fought to protect our freedom. Often you can drive through out town guided by American Flags that are set to honor our Veteran's near and far. A breathtaking sight for all! We Welcome you to come visit - we are a great place to live, work and shop!!

City News

Notice: The City of Bushnell will be sending out the second Natural Gas safety questionnaires of 2020 soon. They will be reaching your mailboxes sometime during the first week of December and may look a bit like junk mail. Even though these seem repetitive and pointless, PLEASE complete them and send them back in, postage paid! These help the City of Bushnell Gas utility keep their Public Awareness plan in compliance and also help us know what areas that need work as far as safety for our customers and the surrounding area! Thank you in advance for your help in keeping our community and surrounding area safe!
City of Bushnell